Is A Heated Tile Floor Worth It?

Updated: Jun 28

Many homeowners complain about walking on their bathroom floor on a cold winter day as the tile floor is really cold. Porcelain and ceramic tile cools quickly, but they can also heat up just as quick – which begs the question, is getting heated tile flooring worth it? Today, Premium Design LLC would like to answer that. There are a few factors to consider when making the decision.

The best electric floor heat system!

First, the cost of installation isn’t the cheapest. The installation involves a few extra steps to lay the heating network under the tile. This, however, brings us very quickly to the second consideration – once heated tile is installed, it doesn’t damage your pocket. Electric bills for a heated floor are not as expensive as some might think, and that is due to the intrinsic properties of tile – tile heats up very quickly, but cools down slowly. This allows homeowners the added benefit of having radiant heated floors, without actually having the floors heating up themselves – an added benefit on a cold winter morning. Looking or considering installing a heated tile floor for your home? Premium Design LLC can help. Our tile experts are timely, and offer free consultations and estimates! Visit our website, shoot us an email, or give us a call today!

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