What Company Makes The Best Shower Heads For My Bathroom?

Updated: Jul 9

Finalizing the small details in a bathroom can be tough – especially when it comes to your shower head. What’s the best color, best design, best size? Who offers the highest quality, premium results, and maintenance free guarantees? These are all questions valid questions, and are often times overlooked when a new shower head is being considered. A shower head is an accessory that can freshen up the look in your bathroom, so it needs be chosen wisely and precisely - so what do the interior designers and bathroom remodelers at Premium Design LLC recommend?

When it comes down to our pick on shower heads, and the companies we prefer, it really comes down to 3 factors – quality, variety, and affordability. Quality always comes first, as there is no point in buying a shower head that will break down in a short time. Variety comes second as customization is really where we showcase our creativity in a custom bathroom. Lastly, affordability is a huge contributor as an unrealistic price may result in an unrealistic bathroom remodel. With that, here are the top two brands we recommend – and why:

1. Hansgrohe

While Hansgrohe isn’t the cheapest option, it certainly offers the highest quality shower heads according to our bathroom remodeling experts. The shower heads from Hansgrohe offer long lasting results, and hold their brilliance very well. The quality offered is very important as you will use your shower nearly everyday – and sometimes even multiple times a day, depending on the size of your household. Hansgrohe has been in the market since 1901, and since then, has been providing quality products and has even won multiple awards such as the IF WORLD DESIGN INDEX, Gold Award 2019, German Design Award Winner 2018 and many others.

On top of having superior quality, Hansgrohe also offers an incredible selection of variety in their shower heads. From modern to classic, simple to elegant, Hansgrohe truly offers variation. This is a brilliant combination to have in this tight market as not only do you benefit from durable quality, but also a great selection of styles. See the below image, from Hansgrohe, for an example of their elegance and quality.

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2. Delta

While quality is our top priority, we also understand affordability matters – and that is why Premium Design LLC strongly recommends Delta as a close second. Delta’s reputation does not meet Hansgrohe’s in terms of quality, but it is most preferred because of its affordability. Delta has received some of it’s own awards such as the Golden Trumpet Award, Chicago Skyline Award, Silver and Bronze Awards and others! Delta does a great job being there for you when you’re on a budget, while lasting in quality. You will also not be disappointed in their large selection of faucets and shower heads. As a matter of fact, Delta precedes Hansgrohe when it come to variety!

At the end of the day, there are many factors to consider in your custom bathroom remodel, and your choice in shower heads. While quality is often preferred, affordability also plays a large role – and the experts at Premium Design LLC truly understand that. Our experts have helped countless families remodel their bathroom into one of their dreams – all while staying in budget. Are you looking for a custom remodel, or more advice on choosing a shower head for your bathroom? Contact our bathroom remodeling experts at Premium Design LLC today!

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